The Society supports currently the eight following projects:

Togolok-1, Turkmenistan (starting 2023)
Structure and Chronology of an urban settlement in the Murghab alluvial fan.
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Urgut Graveyard
(starting 2022)
Archaeological excavation of a likely Christian Nestorian graveyard
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Ilan Balik, Kazakhstan
(starting 2015)
Archaeological excavation of a medieval city and presumed Nestorian Christian graveyard
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Vardanze, Uzbekistan (starting 2009)
Archaeological excavation of an ancient city in the Oasis of Bukhara
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Sanjar Shah, Tajikistan (starting 2008)
Archaeological excavation of an ancient Sogdian site
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Kesken-Kuyuk Kala, Kazakhstan (starting 2008)
Archaeological excavation of an ancient city in a former delta of river Syr Darya
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Qarshovul (starting 2010)
Archaeological investigation of a medieval city in the Oasis of Chach (Tashkent)
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Tuva, Russia (starting 2006)
Search and excavation of ancient Sarmatian, Hunnish and Turkic tombs
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Tunnug, Tuva (starting 2017)
This project deals with the earliest phase of nomadic culture in Aržan (Tuva), the largest and most important site of this epoch.
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